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GoogleTM basically changed the game by modifying the old algorithm to one that can recognize different and more complex variables. According the Google’s Search Engine Optimization guidelines there are the definable factors on your website when considering Search ranking:

-- >  Site content or structure

-- >  Hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript

-- >  Content development

-- >  Management of online business development campaigns

-- >  Keyword research

-- >  Expertise in specific markets and geographies


Some of the old SEO concerns are still relevant. You need a credible, well-built site free of errors with well-structured code. Keywords are still important, but be wary of ‘keyword stuffing’ (the act of loading a page with keywords in the meta tags or in the content). Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines may temporarily or permanently ban your website. Geographic SEO and local search marketing are also still relevant and reliable solutions to certain saturated search markets.


What’s new is the inclusion of ‘management of online business development campaigns’, which basically encompasses what we previously defined as SEM. Web designers, and SEO specialists have found that the most tractable SEM tactic is targeted content marketing. This means your site and/or blog is constantly updated with fresh, relevant, credible and engaging content delivered on multiple media platforms including articles, blog posts, video, interactive media, games, news feeds, email campaigns, and podcasts (to name a few) with your company’s well-defined target audience in mind.



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