The Educreations iPad app launched in December as a free download in the App Store. This app transforms your iPad into an interactive whiteboard that records a teacher’s voice and handwriting as they explain a concept or work through an example problem. Teachers can add photos to their lessons from the iPad’s Photo Library or camera and they can animate the photos by tapping and dragging. Finished lessons can be hosted on, where they can be shared privately with a class of students or publicly with everyone.


It’s the only app out of there that allows you to move and resize photos while you’re recording to create animations. Although other apps have the whiteboard feature, Educreations lets you create multiple pages, so you don’t have to erase the screen to give yourself more room.


Why UDL?

> Multiple Means of Representation: Use of photos, illustrations, audio or animations to present information in different ways.


> Multiple Means of Engagement: Teachers can present information with different mediums (visual, audio, animations) in addition to making the file accessible online.


> Multiple Means of Expression: Students have the ability to express what they know through the range of tools with multiple slides included.