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How Social Media is Encouraging Health and Wellness

How Social Media is Encouraging Health and Wellness | Massage and Wellness Asheville |


Social media is more than a trend. After so many years of being an increasingly important part of our lives, it has proven to be a powerful tool for improving the way people live, learn, and get to know one another — and even stay healthy. From the information people share via social media and  games that promote healthy living, to business technologies that help health care professionals stay in touch with their patients, social media is now an essential part of the total care philosophy.

Let’s look at some of the innovations tied to health and wellness in social media today.

Information and Discussion

The first and one of the most important roles social media has in health and wellness isn’t especially high-tech. At its core, social media is just about sharing information, whether it’s pictures from your latest vacation or articles you find interesting. Thanks to the word-of-mouth element of social media, people now share articles and reports on health topics that others in their social network may not otherwise see. What’s more, they can use these articles as springboards for discussions in comments sections, getting people engaged in conversations about their health more easily than ever before.

Apps and Accountability

How Social Media is Encouraging Health and Wellness

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s taken as a given in the modern medical community that exercise and a healthy diet are essential to keeping the body in good shape and less prone to ailments that require medical attention. Social media and mobile games have combined to get people engaged in healthy living in very innovative ways.

For example, a system called GymPact uses mobile technology to let users “check in” at the gym to fulfill some accountability measures they established with others in their network. Failure to meet these expectations actually costs the user money, which is then used to reward those who meet their goals. The app takes the concept of an accountability community and uses social media to automate and expand it.

Alternate Reality, Real Health

Just like social apps are encouraging people to take care of themselves, social mobile games are using the unique platform of mobile devices to put a layer of fantasy on top of healthy activities. One very clever example is Zombies, Run! This is an ARG, an alternate reality game, that uses a smartphone and earbuds to simulate the sounds of being chased by a horde of hungry zombies during a scheduled jog.

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If the phone’s motion-detecting gyroscope records a successful run for the day’s distance goal, the player’s in-game stronghold gets safer, improving the game for other players on the same team. It’s one thing to jog to lose a few pounds, but another thing entirely to run to save your friends from the horde.

Patient Interaction

How Social Media is Encouraging Health and Wellness

Back in the real world, doctors are using social media tools to stay in touch with their patients and track their health. It can be something as simple as sending Facebook calendar reminders for the next dentist appointment to something more high-tech. Many health care professionals are looking into career paths in health care informatics, a growing field that focuses on the efficient collection, transmission, and storage of medical data to improve the way clinics operate and the speed of accurate, thorough care.

Professional Networks

Doctors have always seen the value in maintaining good referral networks, but social media has put that practice into overdrive. Using social media, doctors can share information and get expert consultations from anywhere in the world, expanding their networks from local or regional groups to a truly global system. Combined with the speed of information-sharing made possible by digital technologies, health care professionals now have better communication with one another than ever before.

Social media technology isn’t just a frivolous, personal part of life, it’s an increasingly important component of health and wellness. It provides powerful resources for doctors, patients, and people of all kinds to get healthy, stay healthy, and stay informed about the latest understandings of medicine all around the world. From games to advanced data sharing systems, social media has changed the way we approach modern health.

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