How Social Data Influenced Hyatt to Pull Part of Campaign Days Before Launch | Marketing Research |

This article shows how Sparks and Honey (An agency specialized in social media analysis) goes beyond the concept of social listening. The company's final goal is to help their customers to synchronize their brands with culture. To do so they use an innovative process that involves tracking every “hot” issue in the media -not only information related to the brand-, predictive analysis to estimate the potential impact of a trend and everyday meetings to share worker’s findings.


The Sparks and Honey paradigm provides their customer with immediate and relevant data allowing them to plan in accordance to the nowadays’ trends. There are some examples of that concept at the very first paragraph and in the last ones. The former is about pluging on a campaign and the latter is just a Facebook post that links the discovery of new planets (a hot topic at that time) with a customer’s product.


Hence it can be claimed that the greatness of this real-time methodology lies on the speed and the content of the search rather than on the consumer’s opinion of certain brand analysis. Thus this extensive social listening might only be request by companies that want to be active in a continuous basis on the Internet.