The Making of Titan's Skinn | Marketing Research |

"The brand did ethnography studies on Indian men and women as well to understand how they used their perfumes, stored them, and used them for what occasions."


Insight: Titan perfumes did a deep study about the Indian culture in order to understand better this society, in order to make the "best" perfume possible adapted to them and their lifestyles. The company carried out this research because Indian market has huge differences with European one, in which they already have a position.


It caught my attention easily, at first because we also talked about Indian market in class the other day, but mostly for the genius idea. 

This research helped the company understand better the market, the smells Indians prefer and what do they use them for; and to realize how less developed, compared to others, is the Indian market.

Indeed, the key point that differences these perfumes from the others is the percentage of fragrance strength. They discovered that Indians wanted perfumes to simply last longer because of the high temperatures they are exposed to, that make the perfume disappear as the day passes. The thing is that this key point could be found by anyone, even without going to India, it is well known that India has high temperatures. 

Again, consumer ethnography was the tool, which made the key competitive advantage possible.