This article discusses Walmart shifting their perspective on social media and adapting to the new standard of engaging with consumers online. As a corporate giant, Walmart would previously disregard tweets from individual critical customers and only use their platforms to promote. This outdated method was not allowing Walmart to maximize the potential of their platforms as consumers now expect online interaction from brands.


Walmart’s new approach to social listening and engaging consumers goes beyond the marketing mix of promoting their products and prices. As a company that is highly criticized, social media gives Walmart the opportunity to address complaints and change opinions. To properly address concerns Walmart now uses multiple twitter handles and has different marketing teams in charge of promotions and responses to consumers. These divisions ensure that the giant organization is effectively marketing and managing their reputation.


Walmart’s new approach shows that no brand, no matter how large, should overlook the power of individual online opinions. Brands should instead utilize their own online influence to manage these opinions. Walmart also proves that not only can social media be utilized to create a good reputation and customer loyalty but also to repair corporate reputation through positive online interactions.