The End of Demographics: How Marketers Are Going Deeper With Personal Data | Marketing Research |

Shawn's Insights: 


With social media changing the landscape of market research, the article argues a convincing point that marketers today, now have the ability to personalize advertisements through social profiling. Due to the insights social profiling provides on behavioural and customer lifecycle data.


With the rapid emergence of social media websites, marketers now have the access to personal data, to help better segment their target market. These social networks offer profile reports on consumers’ relationship status, interests, etc., which allows marketers to make more effective qualitative analysis on their target market.  


Additionally, these social networking sites also offer behavioural and lifecycle information with the assistance of clickstream databases.  Social media is able to uncover behavioural patterns within specific consumer groups through social profiling, allowing marketers to target customers at specific mental moods. Social media can be used to predict customer lifecycle, giving marketers the ability to know what products to promote at the right time. For example, Facebook provides the information of a family purchasing diapers for the first time, indicates that this consumer is entering a new lifecycle. Other indicators such as shipping address changes can all indicate a start of a new customer mentality and behaviour pattern.