Listen Up! Dell Lends Its Ear To Social Media | Marketing Research |

This article unveils Dell’s newly acquired listening abilities thanks in part to its new state-of-the-art Social Media Listening Command Centre outside of Austin, Texas. Dell utilizes several social media platforms in order to promote new product/service offerings, but more importantly to gather customer concerns and feedback regarding their existing products so that they can better adhere to customers’ wants and needs. Dell’s Vice President for Social Media, Manish Mehta, explains that keeping in touch with customers has become the core of their business model at Dell.


Mehta explains that the heart of this concept is not located inside the Command Centre. The real innovation is the people who can monitor any user-generated content that concerns their brand. This function allows them to measure customer satisfaction and alter their offerings as best suits customer’s specifications. Dell has conformed to today’s globalized world in that they are able to track tweets in 11 different languages and offer their website in 34. Dell demonstrates an understanding that technological innovation is not the sole sale driver in business today. They acknowledge that building trustful relationships, resolving customer complaints in a timely fashion, and variability is what really sets them apart from other computer manufacturers.