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How to Beat Facebook at Their Own Game

How to Beat Facebook at Their Own Game | MarketingHits |
Facebook algorithm changes recently sent many marketers into a tailspin. Many call this the death of Facebook marketing and have abandoned their pages on that platform altogether. Is that extreme response warranted? Or can marketers still utilize Facebook’s social media reach for marketing success?

Let’s examine the facts. According to Facebook’s third quarter 2014 reports, 1.35 billion users worldwide access Facebook monthly. That is twenty percent of the world’s population, approximately half of the world’s internet users. A Pew Research Survey from January indicated seventy-one percent of adults use Facebook, compared to only nineteen percent on Twitter. This indicates a staggering reach for one social media platform.

What makes Facebook unique is why users are there. Unlike those on Twitter, where users engage to find quick information and return a brief shout-out, Facebook users are building their own personal community. The Pew study pointed out that these users are reviving lost ties and developing more close relationships.
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