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Top 7 Anticipated Social Media Trends for 2015

Top 7 Anticipated Social Media Trends for 2015 | MarketingHits |
For any business, creating an online presence is a must these days. Majority of the people across the globe engage in transactions over the internet. So, it is quite essential for businesses to perform their marketing endeavors online.

Which platform is the most effective these days for marketing products and services? Ask this question to different business owners. The unanimous answer will surely be social media. According to Statista, there are already about 1.79 billion users in social media in 2014. And it is projected to reach about 2.44 billion by 2018. This is surely going to give social media a boost as a major marketing platform in near future.

Almost every year, new trends emerge for social media. With 2015 round the corner, it’s time to have a look at some of the most anticipated social media trends for the year.

Social media will be designed more for mobile devices.
Images will be used in a more extensive manner.
Short videos will be more in use.
Companies will look to go for viral marketing.
Real-time marketing will rise significantly.
Instagram and LinkedIn will be the most popular platforms.
Creativity will be the need of the hour.
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