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Mobile Stats and Proximity Tips for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Mobile Stats and Proximity Tips for Your Next Marketing Campaign | MarketingHits |

More than half of American adults own smartphones, and many of them own tablets, as well. Whenever you take public transportation, stop for a pint at the pub or even walk down the street, it’s hard to locate someone who is not glued to his or her mobile device. This, coupled with the fact that one could reasonably conclude that even more adults will have mobile devices as time passes, should lead marketers to a single conclusion: Mobile is here to stay, and businesses can no longer afford to ignore it when they figure out how to divvy up their budgets.

Still not sold on the necessity of forging a mobile strategy? Let’s take a look at some statistics relating to mobile marketing, as well as some proximity marketing strategies, to see if you change your mind.

Vital Mobile Marketing Statistics

Recent research indicates that mobile advertising spending is expected to grow more than75 percent to $31.45 billion in 2014 – and that’s after it grew more than 100 percent the year prior. Pundits predict that the market will continue to accelerate during the foreseeable future, growing into nearly a $95 billion industry by 2018.

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"Get your mobile optimized website now, or you will be in dark in the future! (and the future is now)" ~Luis Ayala