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Is Real-time Engagement the New Real-time Marketing?

Is Real-time Engagement the New Real-time Marketing? | MarketingHits |
While Real-time Marketing is considered nirvana for many brands, Real-time Engagement offers an ability to not only market to a fan base but to collaborate and engage with that community on an ongoing basis. If Real-time Marketing was 2013’s new Black, Real-time Engagement is the new Real-time Marketing.

The online social space is where your fans are talking about your brand. It’s where your competitors are trying to dilute your narrative and your brand messages. It’s where rogue employees go to vent. If you aren’t engaging your fans online, you are missing out on the opportunity to bring, and strengthen, your message. You are also missing the opportunity to engage in marketing and lead-gen in an ongoing, not one-off, manner.

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