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Make Your Brand Story Meaningful

Make Your Brand Story Meaningful | MarketingHits |

How to get the audience to care.


It's not easy for brands to get their message across in a world of highly fragmented media and dangerously short attention spans. The brands that are able to forge connections with their customers are the ones who are the most gifted storytellers.  What makes a story good enough to captivate and motivate your audience?


The best stories are designed to get the audience to care.

Stories that start with "why" — that articulate the organization's purpose and passion — are able to get more consumers tuning in to the brand and what it stands for. For instance, Intel's "Sponsors of Tomorrow", Apple's "Think Different", and Google's "Don't Be Evil" taglines helped to articulate their corporate strategy, consequently getting people to care about and subscribe to their brand promise.  Nescafe Philippines decided to tap into the strong community spirit of the Filipinos, and articulate that "why" around the passion point of music. This evolved into Nescafe Philippines' "Red Mug Sessions," which served up warm stories and inspiring music over great coffee



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