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What I got from using Ritetag suggested hashtags #ritetag #socialmarketing

What I got from using Ritetag suggested hashtags  #ritetag #socialmarketing | MarketingHits |
That is it, right there: the essence of our value proposition.  You have your followers in various social networks that have topic-tagging and hashtag search capability.  Beyond your followers, there are those who passively and actively track or search hashtags to discover content and the sharers of such content.  Use hashtags that are relevant to the links, images, sales deals that you are sharing – but also most widely used, and you greatly increase the likelihood that in addition to your followers, your social updates are found by those who would not have seen them.  This is what we have been telling you.  Now, we are proving it.
Brian Yanish -'s insight:

Thanks Osaka for letting me know about the beta test of Ritetag.

So far i'm seeing info in the reports that will help me improve my reach on the different subjects I post in.

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