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Chinese Survey Shows Worry Over Impacts of Mobile Phone Use

Chinese Survey Shows Worry Over Impacts of Mobile Phone Use | MarketingHits |

According to a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily, 71.8 percent of China’s web users feel that reliance on mobile phones is causing people to ignore social interactions in real life, and that seeing people ignore their friends in favor of their phones is a common occurrence. 55.7 percent think that overuse of mobile phones is actively damaging people’s social skills. 46.1 percent said that reliance on mobiles was making people’s social circles smaller, and nearly 30 percent said it was making them more lonely.

And over-reliance isn’t just damaging to one’s social life, either: 57.1 percent said it was hurting eyesight, 52.3 percent felt it was bad for overall health, and 35.7 percent said it was giving people attention deficit problems.

It’s no wonder, really: on the same survey 57.1 percent of the respondents said that they used their phones for more than an hour each day, not counting time spent on actual phone calls or texting. And nearly 20 percent of those said they used their phones for more than three hours a day not counting calling and texting.

The survey also found other signs of addiction: 36.8 percent said they had experienced “phantom phone rings,” 36.4 percent said they were never without their phones, 30.2 percent admitted to aimlessly looking at their phones for no reason, and 24 percent said they’d heard warnings like “Stop playing with your phone!” before.

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Wow if this survey is half correct we are turning our youth into zombies.

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