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Effective B2B Marketing on Facebook: 7 Easy Steps

Effective B2B Marketing on Facebook: 7 Easy Steps | MarketingHits |

Facebook has drastically changed the way we do things, including how we discover products, how we shop, and how we conduct business. Whether you are in e-commerce, retail, imports, wholesale, or manufacturing, your Facebook page is a great channel for promoting your business at minimal costs. B2B online marketers must not undermine the value of integrating Facebook in their B2B marketing campaigns – if they do not want to be left behind by savvy competitors that is.

I’ve searched Facebook one too many times for companies I would like to know more about only to come upon pages that are outdated or worse, completely neglected. I find myself wondering if these companies even realize what they are missing out on. B2B companies can use Facebook in pretty much the same way B2C companies do, with only some special considerations. Whereas B2C companies put the spotlight on their products, it’s a little trickier for B2B companies, most of which use social media mainly to build credibility, engage customers, and generate new leads.

Brand Networks CEO Jamie Tedford recommends using Facebook to tell the story behind your brand as a means to “humanize” your company. PR and social media expert George Guildford says the new Facebook pages enable you to create a visual identity that people can easily relate to.

If you’re still in knots over Facebook marketing, you could stop worrying because here’s a checklist on how you can optimize your company page.

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