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2013 — The Dawn Of Wearable Computing?

2013 — The Dawn Of Wearable Computing? | MarketingHits |

Sooner rather than later you’ll have a computer attached to your face, and for some, it’ll happen as early as next year. Why? Because the era of wearable computing is dawning as startups and established tech companies focus their efforts on designing eyewear that converges the digital and real worlds right before your eyes.

Whether you wear these headgear in the comfort of your living room or as you walk around in daily life, during your leisure time or at all times, or for work or play, the inescapable truth is that computers are taking the next logical step in their evolution from big chunky boxes to smaller wearable forms, which will open up new ways to be productive, social, and entertained. This window into connected life will take either of two forms: augmented reality, in which a digital interface is blended with the physical world, or virtual reality, where complete immersion in a synthetic world is achieved.

***** Brian's comments - Sign me up, Google Glass will be just the start of a new area of wearable computers.

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