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The Future of (Auto)Mobile Advertising | Your Car: The Billboard

The Future of (Auto)Mobile Advertising | Your Car: The Billboard | MarketingHits |

Anyone who’s spent time in New York City in the past five years surely understands the increasingly grating experience of sitting through your cab ride accompanied by local television personalities talking about the weather while simultaneously reminding you to watch their shows and buy various products via the in-cab television. Trust me, marketers would want nothing more than to get inside your car and serve you a plate of warm advertising via that nifty touchscreen placed on your dashboard. With all that information you’re sending off into the world via your web searches, e-mail, and social networks, expect advertisers to try and get a hold of some of it when it comes from your car.

  • Oil companies would love to know that you’ve just plugged a 500 mile trip into your GPS. They’d love to direct you to their closest filling station to help you get there too.
  • Your radio is almost always tuned to the classic rock station which means ticket brokers would pay a premium to inform you about the Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert happening at the local stadium.
  • The shock sensors in your 4×4 have been having a field day during your trip to Joshua Tree. Outdoor gear companies would foam at the mouth to put you in the crosshairs of their targeted advertising with this information.
  • Did you send an e-mail from your car again? And did it contain the word “meeting” more than three times? You’re obviously doing business from your car, and the nearest hotel would love to know that a savvy business man who is in need of a rest is about to drive past their establishment.
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