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A new infographic based on statistics published by the Huffington Post lists 100 of the most fascinating figures from 2012, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+.

More than 1 million websites integrated with Facebook since the beginning of 2012. with a reported 80% of users preferring to connect with brands via the social site. With 23% of people checking their accounts five or more times a day, it's hard to miss an advertising opportunity.

Rival social network Google+ could become real competition, garnering 625,000 new members every day of last year. Of those millions of people, active users reportedly spend more than 60 minutes a day across Google products, averaging 12 minutes per day with Google+.

Meanwhile, micro-blogging site Twitter held its own last year. The average user tweeted 307 times over the course of 2012...

See more social media statistics and figures at the infographic.

Via Lauren Moss