Superfans: The Secret Weapon In Marketing #socialmarketing | MarketingHits |

Let’s face it—social media, like any other type of marketing, comes down to results.

Every day, people are asking about better ways to assess the value of social media. When you search for something on Google , you already know what you want, right? On social media it’s hard to track direct and immediate sales, because it is more of a discovery tool that creates a need to buy when the time is right. However, now there is a way you can directly correlate the commercial value of metrics on social media.

According to a recent report, a Facebook friend is worth about $174—a 28% increase over last year — and it is expected to increase exponentially. Wouldn’t you consider a brand suggested by a friend on Facebook over one advertised in a magazine?

Marty Note:
Great post by Brian and @MarketingHits. I shared the long version of the funny "Martin learns to become an Inernet marketer" story on G+: Thanks to Brian Yanish for the great share.

BTW, this post is also closely related to why personas and segments are so important to Internet marketers. When you know WHO you are talking to you know how to talk.