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I think this Infographic has aged. If you follow its outline you risk talking to yourself about yourself, a social media No No. Here is how I would rest the ideal 50 social media work week (as if such a thing actually existed :):

8 Hours Curating
4 Hours Bogging (writing)

4 Hours Listening (checking Topsy and quantifying results)

4 Hours Conversations (curating comments, commenting on others)

4 Hours Research, Planning, Analytics

4 Contignecy & Emergencies

4 Movements (i.e. "super campaigns")

8 Hours OPEN


40 hours

I don't believe is schedule every minute of any social media outline. There must be larger blocks for responding, planning, analytics and tweaking. I also don't like "campaigns" as much as created temed movements. 


Via Martin (Marty) Smith