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The most difficult thing most new entrepreneurs have is getting their face in front of a video camera.

Making videos can be frightening for some people yet overcoming that fear can actually boost your business from nothing to great success.
Marketing will be a terrific method for generating leads for your business.

The truth is that YouTube video marketing is an extremely reliable way to obtain your message in front of your PERFECT POSSIBILITY.

A video can bring your business to life by allowing you to present yourself and your ideas to the world. With just a few simple tools, a good camera, a tripod and a clip lamp, you will be all set to go. If you are on a low budget, you can start with the camera on your phone.

Don't concern yourself with producing "Hollywood" style productions. Your goal is to promote your business and generate leads. Practice and prepare by writing notes and being clear as to your main objection, take several takes if you need to.

Keep your videos short and try to engage your audience. Providing too much information in a lengthily video may cause you to lose the attention of the viewer. Leave some content for the next video.
Be as natural as possible as if you were directly speaking to someone. If you are trying to teach something use a flip chart or a dry erase board. 

Remember to leave a call to action and contact information for yourself or your business. Give your video a catchy title that will attract people to click play. 

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Via Warner Monge