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Seller/Listing Client Transition from Buyer to Seller Markets
Real estate professionals who have helped sellers in the worst of seller markets are positioned well for better markets to come.
Avoiding 7 Costly Mistakes of Selling Your Home
Avoid these 7 costly mistakes made by most home sellers and stay ahead in your real estate investments. (Having a tough time selling your home FSBO? I just sold ANOTHER Listing! Let me sell your home!
Real Estate Marketing Tools -- An Agent's Guide to Modern - About Brokers and Brokerages
Seems every time you blink there's new marketing technology
being released.
Email Marketing Lists; an Important Real Estate Marketing Idea | Real Estate Marketing Ideas
An email marketing list is a group of names with corresponding email addresses of people that are either prospects or clients of your business.
In today's economy, real estate agents turn to new marketing strategies to sell a house
In a turbulent housing market, real estate agents are turning to increasingly extensive — and expensive — projects to make their sellers’ houses stick out above the competition.
What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Have in Common?
A look at the usage of technology, social media, and marketing & advertising strategies between the highest and lowest earning real estate professionals.
3 Ways to Make a Prospect Feel Duped | Thoughts on Marketing...
Write a great headline or subject line offering information they can use.
Real Estate QR Codes, QR Code Real Estate Marketing Strategies … | QR Code Promo Products
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