Is A Clean Slate Brand Coming TO CLEAN YOUR CLOCK? Social, Mobile and Hostile | Marketing Revolution |

Clean Slate Brands Are Social, Mobile, Hostile 
Clean Slate Brands create instant trust, trade on instant global communication and connection and they play with the new tools some of the old bands hardly know exist.


Is it better to be a "clean slate" brand? Everything is in the execution, but it's better to ROCK the world no matter what if you are clean slate or putting a new face on "old and rusty". 

Clean Slate Brands are built for connection. They use social to amplify their message moving to incorporate an army of brand advocates as soon as possible with cool takes on old traditions, a hawk's eye on the feedback loops and a broken field runner's ability to change and change again. 

Branding is different and FASTER in our social connection economy, so whether you are "clean slate:" or "old and dirty" there are tips and tricks here to steal from the next generation of Coke and Pepsi.