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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Lean content marketing!

Lean Content Marketing Is About To Reach Escape Velocity, Ride The Rocket

These are the slides of my talk at the Product Summit last week in San Francisco. Some say "good products don't need marketing". But from researching the problem you plan to solve to building the initial community around your product and evangelizing your market, content is involved all the way. So how can startups and small product teams be efficient and impactful with their content strategy?

Via Ally Greer
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I caught Guillaume's radio talk today about Lean Content Marketing and think he and are on to something. Feel like a movement to me so I wrote about it on Atlantic  BT's blog: 

Ally Greer's curator insight, February 11, 2013 6:59 PM

Some key takeaways from an awesome presentation by Guillaume on Lean Content Marketing:

Marketing Matters!

The myth that not all startups need marketing is simply untrue.

Marketing is more than just talking about your product.

Though publicizing product launches, updates, and new releases is a part of marketing, it doesn't do the trick on its own, but content marketing can be costly and time-consuming. The solution?...


  • Leverage SlideShare presentations to share your vision
  • Guest post to distribute your ideas
  • Answer Quora questions that relate to your field
  • Curate content relevant to your expertise
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Five Types of Social Media Influencers [graphic matrix]

Five Types of Social Media Influencers [graphic matrix] | Marketing Revolution |
What makes a good influencer? “Influence” is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of:

Via Ken Morrison
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agree with Ken. These, as are any personas, are helpful to outline who is helping and why. Next step is creation of content, campaigns and community that support these and other personas:

Ken Morrison's insight:

I am one of the people who does not put much weight on this matrix.  I feel it is a good starting point for discussion though.  I like the new list at the bottom prosed by a communications firm in NYC:


Social Butterfly
The Opinion Leader
The Discoverer
The Sharer
The User 


I consider myself to be a Sharer and Discover according to this list.


Liza Loop's curator insight, January 23, 2013 9:16 PM

This looks like a good model for future oriented teaching roles.

Vicky Wason's comment, January 24, 2013 12:58 PM
I will share this matrix with my business students at the University of Utah and get their comments. Thanks for sharing.
Neli Maria Mengalli's curator insight, January 28, 2013 8:30 AM

Influencers on social media are either passionate individuals who turn out to be specialists or professionals involved who use Web 2.0 tools as part of their work. They take advantage of their presence on social networks for personal gain or as representative (or ambassador) a brand, company or organization.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note]

Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation is a great marketing strategy but does it help in your search engine optimization? If so, what type of content should you curate?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO Is Dead, But....
An interesting discussion about Social Media Marketing being the new SEO is blowing up on Curation Revolution ( ). Let's assume search engine spiders will need signals for a long time and some of the signals you control used to be called SEO (lol). 

This article speaks to the power of content curation. Let's avoid the SEO trap and discuss why content curation helps engagement and so the new SEO:

* Curation creates authority.
* Authority websites save our TIME and so are loved.

* We support things we love with LIKES and LINKS.

* Heuristic measures improve when engagement goes up.

* Better Heuristic measures = more relevant and so Authoritative.

* Engaged customers lower costs and increase profits.


If you can't sell that list to your C level then updating resume is a good idea. My theory is the right proportion of creation to curation is 10% curation to 90% curation. 

I didn't just pull that ratio out of the air. I have digital properties I manage that have the reverse ratio and they are NOT SUSTAINABLE. If I get hit by a bus those properties wither and die. 

If you create an ecosystem that is 10% YOUR creation and 90% curation and User Generated Content (UGC) it is sustainable. The more diversified your website is in expertise and experts the more sustainable it becomes. 

Let me be clear, deep knowledge is required to even know WHAT to curate. I am not suggesting skimming along the surface of many things. I am suggesting once you build one platform with a 10% to 90% community building another one is half the work (no matter what the subject). 

If, like me, your ratio is 90% creation and 10% curation consider developing a strategic plan to flip that ratio. Your Internet marketing becomes stronger and more sustainable. 


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The 2 Second Rule: Video Marketers Have 2 Seconds To Sink Hook - [Study]

The 2 Second Rule: Video Marketers Have 2 Seconds To Sink Hook - [Study] | Marketing Revolution |
Streaming online viewers have no tolerance for videos that take longer than just a few seconds to load onto their screens.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The 2 Second Rule
This NPR study doesn't surprise me. Gladwell's blink discusses the power of our minds to process information FAST. This study says views of streaming video decide in 2 seconds if they will stay with it or note. This begs the question - What are the first two seconds of your videos? 


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How To Optimize Blog Post Titles for Your Readers and SEO

How To Optimize Blog Post Titles for Your Readers and SEO | Marketing Revolution |
Learn how To Optimize Blog Post Titles for your Readers and SEO. It can increase your CTR. (RT @istiaak Are Your Blog Post Titles Optimized for Readers and Search Engines?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Solid article about why and how to create one title for visitors and another for search engine spiders and why that is a good idea. 

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, January 9, 2013 2:01 PM

Combining catchy titles with search-friendly meta titles will bump up your SEO. This post shows how easy it is.

Barbara Kurts's comment, January 9, 2013 9:12 PM
my topics here
ben bernard's comment, January 9, 2013 11:52 PM
thanks ! my newly made :)
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Why Social Media Connection Buttons Should Be In Your Emails?

Why Social Media Connection Buttons Should Be In Your Emails? | Marketing Revolution |
When I teach Constant Contact's Successful Email Marketing Boot Camp classes, one question I get in every class is whether or not social media buttons belo (RT @virtuallinda: Should You Include Social Media Buttons In Your Emails?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Social Media Share (Like, +1, Share) buttons should be everywhere there is content you want to rank. Since most people don't want to rank emails put social media connection buttons in a secondary location on your emails.  This provides a secondary action users can take to get to know you better.

Social media connection buttons have they advantages not mentioned in this post:

* Social Media Connection buttons create legitimacy.

* SM Connection buttons create a sense of community.

* SM Connection buttons provide an alternative subscription. 

* SM Connection buttons help build your list. 

* SM Connection buttons help maintain your list. 

Include your Social Media connection buttons in your emails. Why do most people not want their emails to rank? Emails are usually duplicate content and their half-life isn't very long (a day maybe two or three depending on the time of year). The email is a call to action looking to push people to some action, so its archive value is zero. 

Some allow their newsletters to rank. Newsletters are usually more content summaries than Call To Action emails and so you could feed them to a spider. IF you want your newsletters to rank you may want to include social LIKE and SHARE buttons. I prefer to keep ALL emails out of the pat of the spider, but can understand wanting to rank newsletters (somewhat). 

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Curation Revolution!

Ally Greer, The Sales Lion and A Content Marketing Whip, Chair and Gun Mashup For 2013

Ally Greer, The Sales Lion and A Content Marketing Whip, Chair and Gun Mashup For 2013 | Marketing Revolution |

Mashup these 4 content marketing posts and your Internet marketing wins in 2013.

Ally Greer's curator insight, January 2, 2013 1:40 AM

A great analysis of 4 posts you should read before starting your online marketing plan for 2013. Thanks for including mine, Marty!

Two Pens's curator insight, January 6, 2013 9:46 PM

I like Ally Greer's post.

Mustapha Barki's curator insight, January 20, 2013 8:00 AM

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10 Things Apple Will Do in 2013 - Forbes

10 Things Apple Will Do in 2013 - Forbes | Marketing Revolution |
The whole world is watching as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) closes the year with diminished gains, weakening iPhone 5 sales and troubled investors who are abandoning the stock.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Like everything on this list.

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Content Marketing Lessons from Rick Springfield

Content Marketing Lessons from Rick Springfield | Marketing Revolution |
Content Marketing World slipped in a subliminal message with the entertainment at this year's event. Use these content marketing lessons from Rick Springfield.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cool article from Content Marketing World folks (Joe Pulizzi and his team at the Content Marketing Institute).  Here are two of my favorite tips:

Lesson 1:
 Rock bands need rhythm & cadence, and so do you.

Lesson 3:
 Quality vs. quantity: A hit goes a long way.

 I think quantity has a role too at least until you can tell what creates quality. Agree with the idea of stretching the hit. Make a hit a tent pole and refer back to it frequently reinforcing it as a hit and helping other new content have more immediate relevance. 

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Scoopit Cool Content Curation Report - Atlantic BT

Scoopit Cool Content Curation Report - Atlantic BT | Marketing Revolution |
Why is a headline great? What content is viewed most? The Cool Content Curation Report answers these questions to improve your content marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Creating the Top 10 Curation Revolution Scoops post I noticed some interesting trends in the data. This report explores two important questions:

What type of content will get the most views?

What kinds of keywords create the best headlines?

Heaven is the day we connect traffic generation top of the funnel creation with bottom of the funnel conversion data. In the meantime, answering these two questions can increase chances of content marketing success.

How did my team and I make more than $30M online? By doing what the data told us to do. The Cool Content Curation Report tells Internet marketers to do a few things to increase the chance of winning customer hearts and minds. 

What about you? If you've created cool ways to tie what and how we do to meaningful results please share and I will curate in. Thanks :). M 

also linked here:  

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No One Uses Smart TV Internet Because It Sucks - Wired

No One Uses Smart TV Internet Because It Sucks - Wired | Marketing Revolution |
The Sociable (blog)
No One Uses Smart TV Internet Because It Sucks
People aren't using their internet-connected smart TVs for anything beyond, well, watching TV. It turns out, nobody wants to tweet from their TV.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Sad to hear this because this 2 screen BS is getting OLD. 

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Why Do You Use Social Media? | Jeffbullas's Blog

Why Do You Use Social Media? | Jeffbullas's Blog | Marketing Revolution |
There are many reasons we do things. Some of us exercise to keep fit, others do it because they just love the high of the endorphin rush as they get into the zone. So why do we use social media?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great post by Jeff on the WHYs of Social Media Marketing, the often forgotten whys. I weighed in with a comment on Jeff's blog too. 

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Our Connected Feminine Future: Men vs. Women Use Of Social Networking [Infographic]

Our Connected Feminine Future: Men vs. Women Use Of Social Networking [Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |
Have you ever wondered what the differences are between men and women when it comes to social networking? Well, one thing has been proven, and that is that
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

As an Ecommerce Director our sales were dependent on word-of-mouth advertising, the best advertising you can't buy :). Realizing that women were much more likely to generate word-of-mouth we created personas and campaigns designed to begin meme creation among women. 

That last sentence sounds a lot tidier than life actually was since if my team and I could understand how to "meme create" without fail we would all be retired and living next to an ocean with expensive cars in the garage (or broke and The Story of Cancer Trust would be fully funded :). 

The truth is you stumble along and do the best you can to learn faster and faster and do more and more. Our testing revealed differences between men and women in:

* Call To Action triggers.

* Language.

* Importance of reviews.

* Cause marketing.


Faith Popcorn famously said people JOIN brands they don't buy them and we saw the truth of her idea in our feminine marketing results. Now there is a study showing what we saw in our numbers. Women are more active on social networks and beginning to express their more networked profiles by buying cool gadgets (territory usually thought of as male). 

The limitations of stereotypes in today's marketing are HUGE. Don't assume anything, but create different strings focused on gender differences and see what your A/B or MVT tests show. Bet you see distinct differences to. 

NOTE: I write this post sitting across from a group of six women who look like they meet regularly and know each other well. For most of my men friends starting a Saturday with a long conversation with six friends is the third circle of Hell (lol).  


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STOP the PRESSES: No really, STOP the Presses Here's Why

STOP the PRESSES: No really, STOP the Presses Here's Why | Marketing Revolution |
.The newspaper. One of the most sacred institutions of the publishing world and one of its oldest, most respected methods of knowledge gathering and collection of popular opinion, dating all the way back to the first printing presses ever created.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Websites Don't Kill Newspapers, Unsatisfied People Do
AGREE with's take here, and would add AROGANCE to the list of things killing newspapers. Newspapers believed their job was to pre-digest the news for us, explain how the world really works to the children. Good luck with that kind of arrogance in the middle of the digital revolution. 

One of the underpinnings of the digital revolution is we are capable of understanding the world thank you very much. Yes, we may make mistakes but the concept of "pre-digestion" is all but dead.  Doesn't mean we don't want to know the NYT take, but it is not my most trusted source for technology news (not by a long shot). 

Once any part of the picture changes the entire picture changes, so is right websites aren't killing newspapers two kinds of people are:

* Newspaper people who still don't LISTEN as well as they TALK.

* People who use real time curation tools such as to form their own opinions.  

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Power Curation Tip Via Marketing Hits: The Curation Tease Page [+ Marty Note]

Power Curation Tip Via Marketing Hits: The Curation Tease Page [+ Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Brian Yanish is a good friend, a trusted Internet marketing source and his website provided a great example in how to create SEO from curation. 

Brian creates a quick page about cool content he curates. Today Brian found a great "Ultimate Guide" from @YouBrandInc. Brian could push the link across, and he does use that way sometimes. 

The "Ultimate Guide" is great content. Anyone creating an "Ultimate Guide" understands SEO and how to do keyword research because "ultimate guide" is a HOT way to describe content right now. 

Content handles come and go in popularity, but "Ultimate Guide" will probably always be valuable since it sounds so definitive. When you use a handle like "Ultimate Guide" be sure to deliver since your website could get hammered if your ultimate guide forgets 5 BIG tools everyone loves. 

The cool thing about using "Ultimate Guide" is anyone you forget will beat a path to your door to be included and then you can update. Brian creates a "teaser" page on for You Brand Inc.’s Ultimate Guide to Curation Tools.  

The advantage to a short page like this "teaser page", note Brian doesn't just copy their copy but writes a quick unique blurb and then pushes across to You Brand Inc., is your curation can bring social shares and juice to your website. 

One of the big questions in my Free Internet Marketing Consulting for Small Businesses (SMBs) this last Saturday was, "How are we supposed to keep up with all of this?" Curation with teaser pages like the one Brian created for the Ultimate Guide to Curation Tools is a great way to build a SMB’s authority without having to write thousands of words every day. 

A tactic like this builds page spread, the number of pages Google' indexes, adds frequency (remember Quality Deserves Freshness or QDF) and become an easy way to "curate" your way to authority.


Problem with using a tool, even ones I love like, is SEO juice (rankings and Google value) go to the platform. Brian's example breaks off a piece for as you should for your content marketing website by stealing his "teaser page" approach to curation. 

Brian and MarketingHits earn today's #StealThis. 


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Q: Is Your Business Ready For Social Search? A: Not Even Close

Q: Is Your Business Ready For Social Search? A: Not Even Close | Marketing Revolution |

2012 saw a big shift in many search engines towards a more social search.


With Google’s search engine integrating more social information from Google+ and other social networks, and Facebook’s plans to introduce new social search features, 2013 should lead to an even more social SEO strategy.

Social search uses the social network activity from the person performing the search to deliver more personalized and relevant search results.

Find Out More:


Via Antonino Militello, Anthony Burke
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Social Search changes a lot of things you may not realize such as:

* The rhythm and schedule of your content creation.
* How, where and why you share content. 
* Who you follow, curate in and reference.

* How you treat "evergreen" content.

* How you gather User Generated Content (UGC).


These last two bullets aren't covered extensively in the linked article. Evergreen content, the content you've had up forever and that defines your business vertical, needs to "pop" on social nets or it begins to decay in value. 

This need for "constant updates" increases the importance of UGC. The ability to review or add to your content gives your website the best content it can't "buy" and UGC helps content update more frequently, increase shares and generally make YOUR content OUR content and that is what you want. 

If you don't have a comments or review block on your content add it. It isn't enough to just include a "comments" block, you must respond when people share content (always with appreciation since only 1% of your traffic is willing to share) and reward those willing to give you some of their time in order to create content on your website. . 

What About Trolls?
People worry about negative UGC, sometimes called trolls. Yes you will get some people saying nasty things. Never defend against such an attack. To defend is to lose, instead be appreciative of the content and empathetic to any legitimate issue. If someone says you are stupid they reduce the legitimacy of their content. Don't thank them for calling you an idiot, but let them know you will look into whatever issue caused the attack. 

Consider such an offer an open loop. Never leave loops open for long. Make sure you post a more definitive response in 24 to 48 hours. Here is where published guidelines are very important. If someone just calls you an idiot with no substance your guidelines should say that such a non-specific attack is considered inappropriate and you have the right to remove. 

Personally, I don't ever like to remove anything. If some attacks in a non-specific I am a jerk way. I respond by not being a jerk and provide my personal email or cell where they can discuss their feelings with me personally (they almost never do). 

The tricky part to an online attack is to NOT personalize and recognize that attacks are part of the poker you are playing. Stay in the game and go all in if you need to and you turn an attack to a benefit.  Remember:

* Empathy isn't agreement.

* LISTEN more than you talk. 
* Never defend or be defensive (it is a loser's game).

* Trolls will isolate themselves by their behavior.  


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The Camry Effect - Toyota Rocking Social Media

The Camry Effect - Toyota Rocking Social Media | Marketing Revolution |
Camry owners across the US were asked to share their special moments with Camry. With a sprinkle of HTML5, 200,000+ stories were created as part of the...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Toyotay Knows UGC
FINALLY a major brand ASKS for some User Generated Content (UGC) and cares. Amazing, of course it would have to be Toyota. Granted Pepsi ReFresh was pretty cool and there is a smattering of other big brands that seem to be getting it. 

We are also about to see the latest Super Bowl UGC, the yearly push to create an ad that will live longer than halftime and not show up on anyone's "worst ads of the Super Bowl" list. 

As The Great Social Customer Service Race proved most big brands aren't present on social when presence is answer their Tweets.

How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service  

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from 21st Century skills of critical and creative thinking!

Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey Told With Legos [Fun & Building Blocks of all Stories]

Via Jess McCulloch, The Digital Rocking Chair, Lynnette Van Dyke
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Could this 65 slide deck have saved me plowing through Joseph Campbell's Hero With A Thosand Faces? Not really, but its fun and flies by providing ADD insight into the basis of all stories. 

Deanya Lattimore Schempp's curator insight, January 7, 2013 9:32 AM

"What's the story?"  A good thinking starter for how "story" works in the world.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, January 7, 2013 8:49 PM
Strange to tell Joseph Campbell's Hero With A Thousand Faces with Lego characters but it flies by faster chan Campbell.
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Internet Marketing And The Save The World Thing

Internet Marketing And The Save The World Thing | Marketing Revolution |

Great Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays today ending with some confused looks. Confusion is good, confusion is right much of the time as an Internet marketer. Best not to be confused about who you are when using the worlds largest lie detecting amplifier.

This post shares my favorite "know yourself" books from Jim Stengel, Dov Seidman, Seth Godin and W. Chan Kim. 

Love and passion are the most important ideas and there was plenty of evidence of both at our Saturday get together thanks to @1918 (Phil Buckley) and @MarkTraphagen.   

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Q: Can Gamification Get Hotter? A: Maybe

Q: Can Gamification Get Hotter? A: Maybe | Marketing Revolution |

Google's trend chart shows what we sense. Gamification is HOT and getting hotter.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Gamification, the art and science of applying game theory to online marketing, is HOT. The world Google Trends graph above confirms interest is high and getting higher. The steepness of the curve maybe its most impressive accomplishment.

Why Is Gamification So Hot
It is hard to think of any Internet marketing that can't be made better with gamification? The curve became very steep as Google began twisting our SEO fates with Panda updates. There is a correlation.

Google's new algorithm cherishes heuristic measures such as time on site, return visitors and pages viewed. Nothing tickles those metrics better than gamification. What is gamification?

Gamification, when applied to Internet marketing contains these components:

* A game with an objective measure, some "material" gains.

* A leaderboard that compares progress in the game.

* Small gains leading to bigger gains.

* A reward system easy to communicate across social nets.

* A game within the game.

* A social horse race.

Material Gain

Klout is a good example of "material" gain. As one's Klout score increases by making waves on the social net "material" gain is realized. For now we will overlook the circular nature of the rewards system (the primary benefit of your Klout score going up is your Klout score going up) and leave an upward swing as "material gain".

Leaderboard's My Community is a great example of a perfectly conceived and executed leaderboard. Your track isn't against the top of the stack since seeing Robin Good or Michele Smorgon (@maxOz) visitor counts would be de-motivating. In fact, started with My Community that shared the top of the leaderboard before changing to just a Scooper's immediate competitive set (much more motivating).

Small Gains
Small gains are always the stepping-stones to bigger gains. The nature of a well-constructed game is the reward system never stops but does ratchet up the more it is played. This ability to slide rewards with play creates a cocaine-like addiction. It is no mistake that the leading troll on Reddit explained his self-destructive behavior as, "I did it for the points," as if anyone should understand his addiction.


The interview, not a Reddit player looked at the man as if he was insane. Reddit's gamification was both means and end and the reinforcement came so fast and furious this man was overwhelmed to the extent his life is in ruins from chasing "points". 

Social Points
Klout and GetGlue are good about prompting sharing of achievement across social network. Sharing reinforces the gain and sells the game.

Game Within The Game
On the daily game is views and the game within the game is views against your immediate competitive set as expressed in My Community. On a workout site the most pushups or greatest weight loss can be games within games. Games within games are wheels that increase engagement. Players who play the game within the game are twice hooked and may be the games greatest advocates.

Social Horse Race
The most valuable competitions are close ones. There is something in human nature that wants to root for the underdog that wants the thrill of victory. We care more about races when they are close, so gamification designers must find ways to insure competition. insured competition when they changed from top of the stack My Community to allowing each player to see their competitive set. If one or a few players run off and leave the pack the game must be reformed to promote competition or it won't endure.

Other Resources
I wrote what may be the first gamification white paper for Atlantic BT last year:

Gamification: Winning Hearts Minds and Loyalty Online


Gamification Summit in SF April 2013

Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal


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Why Cause Marketing Rocks But Be Careful

Why Cause Marketing Rocks But Be Careful | Marketing Revolution |

Local Raleigh car dealer Leith Toyota is running a creative cause marketing campaign to support a dog shelter. Good idea, but it is important to make sure any cause marketing is inclusive, fun and ubiquitous. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cause marketing is great content. When your brand adopts a nonprofit you help define yourself by what you believe in and are willing to support. Cause marketing is HOT because it plays beautifully in social media. 

Watching football today one of our larger Toyota dealers showed a commercial with romping puppies. Leith is donating $100 for every Camary sold to Saving Grace ( ).

Great content, great cause and great idea. BTW, when a local car dealer is willing to create cause marketing the tipping point is well behind us. The BUT in the praise is once you create cause marketing you must make it easy to find.


The banner about the program is in a roll and so can be easily missed: . There is no mention on Facebook because there is a win an iPad campaign going on: . The Saving Grace campaign is the second item on their G_ page. 

Here is how I would change the campaign if I were running it:

* Static image on the site in addition to being on the role. 
* YouTube video of the ad.
* User Generated Content campaign.

* Ask people to share pictures of their dogs in their cars. 

* Don't limit the contest to Toyotas.

* Create special prizes for Best Toyota Dog. 

* Create community by asking for votes. 
* Create gamification to increase engagement in the contest.

* Set a goal for car sales and double the gift if reached.  


Leith is also running an iPad guess how many cars we've sold contest. The iPad guess contest is a good example of how NOT to use Facebook. That is a contest best announced on Facebook and run somewhere else.

The dog idea is PERFECT for Facebook since every dog owner has a picture of their dog sticking his head out the window (I bet). Visual content and cause content works like a charm on Facebook. 

Cause marketing is a great idea for all brands, but in for a penny in for a pound. Make sure your cause marketing is easy to find and interact with otherwise you reduce conversions and create dissonance. Does Leith really care about dogs? I think the answer to that question is YES, but never create cause marketing that isn't easily accessible across all digital assets. 

What is your cause marketing? Share how your company is helping to save the world and we will write about it.


Jeff Domansky's curator insight, December 30, 2012 3:47 PM

Great lessons, insight from Marty Smith...

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Are You The King of Pinterest? Prove It, Enter King Of Pinterest Contest

Are You The King of Pinterest? Prove It, Enter King Of Pinterest Contest | Marketing Revolution |

Are You The King of Pinterest?

This contest is about recognizing power Pinterest pinners who happen to be men.

How To Enter

1. Follow Pinterest/ScentTrail

2. I will add you to the board.

3. Pin 5 pins before 2.13.

4. Select 10 finalists. Community vote determines King of Pinterest. 

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Slideshare The Quiet Content Marketing and SEO Giant [Infographic]

Slideshare The Quiet Content Marketing and SEO Giant [Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |
SlideShare - The Quiet Giant #Infographic #SlideShare - SEO Powerhouse too, must be in 2013 Content Marketing Plans.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I think my #1 listing on "content network marketing" has slipped to #2 after more than 4 years. Considering SlideShare helped capture a top listing almost immediately after the content went live on their network slipping from absolute #1 to #2 isn't bad SEO (anyway you cut it).

This means moving content to SlideShare should be on any content marketer's 2013 plan. 

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7 Reasons Your Blog STINKS At Generating Leads

7 Reasons Your Blog STINKS At Generating Leads | Marketing Revolution |
Blogging and inbound marketing aren't working for a huge percentage of marketing agencies and consultants. Find out why your blog isn't generating leads.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

WOW, is this a MUST READ for all 'inbound marketers". I realize we are all inbound marketers now and, as Marcus points out in this excellent post, that is part of the problem. We Internet marketers love to run to one side of the boat damn the consequences (like drowning LOL). 

Don't misunderstand my lament, I love the fact everyone and their sister is in love with content marketing. Friends of mine and I have been preaching content, content and more content since 2003. Careful what you wish for. 

Now two trends are meeting head-on. Everyone is creating and curating more content and so we are swamping the boat. Content creation and curation is NOT a dabbler's game. If the only thing you write is a grocery list please don't assume you can write mega-viral content. You can't. 

Creating great content takes WORK. I just wrote that if creating an online community (a tribe that loves you and follows you like the Grateful Dead) is the hardest thing to do well then writing mega-viral content that generates leads is a close second. 

This article is GREAT and correct. I would add most content marketers forget to:

* RESEARCH those Keys. 

* Watch near real time metrics. 

* Double down on leaders.

* Leave losers. 

* Write, Write and Write some more. 

* Curate, Curate and Curate more. 

* Connect top of funnel (what generates traffic).

* To Bottom of funnel (where conversions live). 


There is no easy or fast way to do any of these things (sorry). I'm convinced you cannot either create or curate your way to where you need to be. You must CURATE and CREATE to become an authority, to be a player. 

Marcus has written a great article about sins we've all committed. Sin less and create more in 2013 and you will be one of the special inbound marketers who actually know how to write to make money.  


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