How To Sell Without Selling via @mfacchinetti (Infographic w/ Curagami Add Ons) | Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
Love "Selling Without Selling" and experienced its power as a Director of Ecommerce when our Buzz Team picked up the baton and helped create trust and conversion from new shoppers to our site.

We liked this @massimo facchinetti Scoop so much we couldn't help but add a few ideas in. We added a section to why people buy to represent the emotional signals Stride's excellent work missed. 

Team Curagami ( also felt strongly that buying personas should be included so we added a pie with a "general" distribution (of site visitors) that may vary depending on business and business category. 

Finding ways to help new, those learning about your site's content and experts find what they want, feel free to contribute and encourage  User Generated Content and community formation is where "buying personas" come in.

We don't stop with such simple personas as New, Learning and Expert for long. We like to tell a buyer's story dipping into psychographics, family, and UCA (Unique Customer Aspirations). Connecting buyers with LOVE and DREAMS are powerful emotional ideas under represented in this otherwise excellent infographic.  

Via Stefano Principato, Marco Favero, massimo facchinetti