Steve Jobs On The Idea Disease [VIDEO] | Marketing Revolution |

This post explores an apparent contradiction in The Lost Interview. In a post from the weekend Steve Jobs On How Content Truly Is King ( ) Jobs discusses the importance of keeping "Process" people away from artists like himself.

Here Jobs discusses the "idea disease". Idea disease is not understanding the need for process. Instead of catching a genius in an apparent contradiction this post discusses the contradictions inherent in product development.

Truth be told nothing would get created if there wasn't some magical thinking happening. Magical thinking is our human ability to over estimate what we bring and under estimate what we face. I did this when I rode a bicycle across America.

I would argue that the only way I make such a ride is to under estimate the trouble and over estimate the joy (lol). I note how Black Swan author Taleb says our human condition is one of constant over and under estimation.

Taleb sees such human arrogance as the cause of stock and home bubbles and so BAD. Perhaps it is this magical naive thinking that creates art and grace too and this piece explores the idea that our "idea disease" may be the source of all art, beauty and grace.