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5 #stealthis Content Marketing Ideas From Amazon via Curatti

5 #stealthis Content Marketing Ideas From Amazon via Curatti | Marketing Revolution |
Streaming Downton Abbey via Roku and Amazon Prime this weekend struck a nerve. As the web continues to destroy middlemen and gatekeepers concepts like “CBS” and “Time Warner Cable” are in play. Watching Amazon move from webpage arbitrage to web services platform to streaming video seller got me thinking about tips every content marketer should steal …
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Fun post to write after binging Downton Abbey all weekend (lol). Got me to thinking what happens when the web becomes the TV station and cable network. Amazon is set up nicely to rule the world. 

Well before that happens here are 5 ideas any content marketer should steal TODAY.  

  • Create original content.
  • Crowdsource your content.
  • Infinite Inventory Becomes Buzzing Inventory.
  • Be agnostic about content source.
  • Vertically integrate merchandising.
Steal away and share any other ideas you've stolen from Amazon.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note]

Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation is a great marketing strategy but does it help in your search engine optimization? If so, what type of content should you curate?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO Is Dead, But....
An interesting discussion about Social Media Marketing being the new SEO is blowing up on Curation Revolution ( ). Let's assume search engine spiders will need signals for a long time and some of the signals you control used to be called SEO (lol). 

This article speaks to the power of content curation. Let's avoid the SEO trap and discuss why content curation helps engagement and so the new SEO:

* Curation creates authority.
* Authority websites save our TIME and so are loved.

* We support things we love with LIKES and LINKS.

* Heuristic measures improve when engagement goes up.

* Better Heuristic measures = more relevant and so Authoritative.

* Engaged customers lower costs and increase profits.


If you can't sell that list to your C level then updating resume is a good idea. My theory is the right proportion of creation to curation is 10% curation to 90% curation. 

I didn't just pull that ratio out of the air. I have digital properties I manage that have the reverse ratio and they are NOT SUSTAINABLE. If I get hit by a bus those properties wither and die. 

If you create an ecosystem that is 10% YOUR creation and 90% curation and User Generated Content (UGC) it is sustainable. The more diversified your website is in expertise and experts the more sustainable it becomes. 

Let me be clear, deep knowledge is required to even know WHAT to curate. I am not suggesting skimming along the surface of many things. I am suggesting once you build one platform with a 10% to 90% community building another one is half the work (no matter what the subject). 

If, like me, your ratio is 90% creation and 10% curation consider developing a strategic plan to flip that ratio. Your Internet marketing becomes stronger and more sustainable. 


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Tripping Over The New SEO's 3 Legged Stool via @CrowdFunde

Tripping Over The New SEO's 3 Legged Stool via @CrowdFunde | Marketing Revolution |

“There it is,” I said to myself but aloud. As everyone at Triangle Startup Factory turned to look at me I waved them off. How was I going to explain that the 3 word mnemonic we’d been looking for was there sitting there in front of me. Truth be told I tripped over it:

* Story.

* Authority.

* User Generated Content (UGC).

This startup journey is a strange one. Equal parts hard work and CHANCE we throw dice and see how they roll. What about you? You in?

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