Redesigning Scoopit and Your Web Design Too - via @Curagami | Marketing Revolution | Redesign Suggestions
Redesigning Scoopit sets a new stage for a favorite content marketing tool. Making Scoopit to be social & to createscommunity can help your web design too.

Things every website design can improve discussed in our Curagami post ( )::

* Set your “stage” (webpages) to be aligned in a “hierarchy” of need.
* Create feedback loops and expose them (like nonprofits use thermometers to track donations).

* Don’t hide your analytics SHARE THEM.

* Double down on winners, leave laggards behind.
* KNOW what is winning so you can double down.
* Ask for and prize User Generated Content.
* Share MORE and then SHARE MORE.

@Brian Yanish -
Brian is a great web marketer and one of the POWER users of Here is a great comment he left on Curagami about this post:

Marty I agree, I never promote my Scoopit homepage as it has no real value for my visitor. My Google analytics show I get very few visitors to the homepage which makes since because most visitors to are not members so can’t follow us via, but they are following other ways because 48% of them are return visitors.

Looking further into the analytics not many go to the topic homepage either, so I’m testing new ways within my marketing strategy for to engage.

Eg. Pop up and slide up call-to-actions as seen on my h topic. This pop up also show when someone is coming to a shared post on my topic not just the homepage. Right now it a newsletter sign up, I’m thinking of doing polls, follow me, and maybe even a context are two. On my newsletter sign up is see a 1.4 ctr%

It sure would be nice to have some customization options for the homepage.

** Brian is the MASTER of organization. Check out his presentation (@Brian Yanish - ). That is a PR6 webpage using OPT (Other People's Templates) and tool (so impressive). Team at really listens to Brian because he has accomplished a lot with their tool. The team is responsive in general, so, thanks to BY and others, we may get a "homepage" we can use.