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Crowds, Icons & Tribes
The more we work our Startup Factory Funded statup the more every client needs a combination of :

* Crowds.
* Icons.
* Tribes.

Crowds bring wisdom. Remember how few were smarter than a class of 5th graders? Every websites most VAST under-utilized resource is the wisdom of crowds they AREN'T tapping.

Icons create the language that makes a crowd work just hard enough to feel exclusive and included. If anyone can join for free there is no perceived value. No perceived value means your visitors will click away. On the other hand, if you have a language only you and your tribe understand - that isn't too dense or complex - curiosity may catch the cat.

Finally tribes are everyone's end product. Tribes = sustainable web presence. Tribes means you can delegate JOBS to AMBASSADORS and get out of the way. Tribes means you are on your way to the land of get more, do less. Tribes are where we lucky few Internet marketers are headed and we are riding a bullet train called Curagami :). M