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Riffing @DavidAmerland's Sunday Read On Father's Day

Riffing @DavidAmerland's Sunday Read On Father's Day | Marketing Revolution |

@David AmerlandA Must Follow
David writes clear as a ringing bell on a Sunday morning calling us to our new church. Inside this church we riff off of each other in ways that reminded me of seeing Miles Davis BLOW UP Scranton, PA back in the day. What I wouldn't give to write like "Big Papa" David Amerland (a #mustfollow).

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DEMANDING BRANDS: Customers WORK Too - New TrendWatching Report

DEMANDING BRANDS: Customers WORK Too - New TrendWatching Report | Marketing Revolution |

Are Demands The New Rule of a New Marketing?
If experience is the new branding then DEMANDS may be the new marketing. The idea of creating friction in order to demand customers "do the right thing" seems a radical notion. 

A radical notion until you think about how much the SAME everything is, how bland, how NOTHIING. Any purchase is a collaboration, a special dance. As David Edelman describe so well in HBR ( ) our new buy cycle is different.

Social media is changing demands made OF brands and now, as @TrendWatching outlines so well in this new report, cutting edge creators (manufacturers, brands companies) are creating exclusive clubs where all need not apply but where demands are the new rule of a new marketing. 

Social media changes buyers as they feel more informed, included and "let in". As the wall between THEM (customers) and US (marketers) breaks down we will search for collaboration and experience. Demand create deep collaborations fast since we (consumers) are only willing to fulfill demands we care deeply about. The bond a "demanding brand" can create run deep fast. Advocacy FOR demanding brands could last a lifetime. 

My favorite "demanding brands" include:

From TrendWatching's examples my favorites are:

Organ Donation in South Africa
Blood donation in Victoria
Buy One Get Half (David Amerland)

@DavidAmerland has wrote about this trend in his What If We Had A New Value System for Goods and Services highly influential post: 

Part of David's "new value system" is a fully informed consumer willing to help reallocate, transform and change by how they spend time, money and social capital. 


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Value, Experience & The New SEO - Conversation With Robin, Brian and David

Value, Experience & The New SEO - Conversation With Robin, Brian and David | Marketing Revolution |

Value, Experience & The New SEO
I'm having five related conversations across three social nets right now about  #contentmarketing  ,  #contentcuration  and #SEO with @Robin Good@Brian Yanish - MarketingHits.comand @David Amerlandthis post pulls these threads together in a single place.

"David's idea is all of factors will align at some point in the not very distant future. Points such as:

* What makes money.
* The value of an experience NOW and over time.
* Value as a function of Uniqueness / Scarcity.
* The social REPUTATION and AUTHORITY of a brand or curator."

Brian suggested we have a debate and I think that is a great idea. Will see if we can put together a HOA on content marketing, engagement and the new SEO soon. In the meantime I'm sure everyone will chime in on this G+ post.

Heather Koroll's curator insight, March 9, 2014 7:46 PM

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