Galen Weston discusses adapting meals to please the whole family with Emma Waverman and Sharon DeVellis.

The newest television commercial from President’s Choice (PC) features Galen Weston – executive chairman of Loblaw – conversing with two mom bloggers regarding the trials of healthy food preparation. The 60-second spot is shot in a very casual context and is actually unscripted, keeping the setting and Weston’s responses incredibly natural feeling. He listens to Emma Waverman and Sharon DeVallis with keen interest, appearing approachable and attentive. As a face for Loblaw, and therefore its signature PC brand, Weston’s interaction with these two women conveys the message to consumers that PC as a brand keeps its customers’ wants and needs close to heart.


The commercial is meant to have a strong emotional appeal to viewers, who will begin to associate the Loblaw brand with the characteristics of Weston: warm, welcoming, involved, and friendly. As the interaction is unscripted, PC’s brand differentiates itself from other food brand competitors as it comes across as authentic and therefore more believable.  This emotional appeal works in congruence with a strong rational appeal throughout the commercial: due to the conversational context in which it is shot, PC doesn’t simply talk about its products. Rather, it touches upon why PC offers the products it does, why they are important, and why these products meet the demands of Canadians.


Through this, PC is able to strongly link its products’ attributes, products’ benefits, and customer value all together as the commercial emphasizes the functional consequences and psycho-social consequences that stem from using its products. In the means-end chain, this conveys the brand’s instrumental value to consumers. The informal context of the ad emphasizes the “family oriented” feel of the PC brand and by using a testimonial-style executional framework effectively enhances company credibility.

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