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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Aidan Shankman!

Target Readies First Canadian Campaign (Marketing Magazine)

Target Readies First Canadian Campaign (Marketing Magazine) | Marketing in Motion |

Target is preparing to enter the Canadian market next month and will be releasing its Canadian TV spot tonight during the Academy Awards. This is the first step in positioning the brand as a “neighbour” to Canadians and carving out a unique place in their minds that is separate from Wal-Mart, Loblaw’s and other mass retailers.


The company is looking to own a friendly personality to signal an attitude that Canadians should have about the identity of the brand. Insights about need states, buying habits, and the Canadian identity have been gathered for the past year in communities across the country. These insights were then applied to influence the design of this message and selection of the most efficient outlets to reach consumers in order to generate awareness and stimulate interest (out-of-home, social media, radio, newspaper, and excellent timing of TV ad during the widely viewed Academy Awards show).


Completely understanding a new target audience (Canadian consumers) through the gathering of consumer insights was essential to adapt the Target brand identity and shopping experience to this new market which is distinct from the United States. The Canadian retail landscape is about to change….


Aidan Shankman (graded), 0609-6199, COMM 335-2, campaign, planning, target audience, consumer insights (immersing)

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Scooped by Joachim Scholz, PhD!

Communicating in pictures: The rise of the image

Communicating in pictures: The rise of the image | Marketing in Motion |

"And the future of image marketing is just around the corner: Travel companies will show albums from happy visitors. B2B companies will show installations with their products built in, overlaid with data on the products and places involved. Marketers will encourage consumers advocates to take pictures of their happy purchases and experiences, and share them. As NFC tags proliferate, someone can just tap something they buy, see images of how people use the product and submit their own.


But intelligence about pictures can be even more powerful. By stimulating consumers to share pictures, marketers can learn more about how consumers are using their products to help develop new products."

Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

It has been many years since my MSc advisor Dr. Jonathan Schroeder, then at the University of Exeter, today residing at the Rochester Institute of Technology, has started talking about visual consumption. With the proliferation of connected cameras, social media and other emerging technology (e.g., NFC tags), this article argues that the flood of pictures that is taken every day will be more and more used by companies in their communication efforts and product development. 

Yvonne Chung's curator insight, January 16, 2013 7:14 PM

No wonder I spend all my time on Pinterest. Fb's 1-billion dollar acquisition of Instagram doesn't seem so crazy now.


The power of striking visuals is the fastest & most engaging medium of communication: infographics, animations, memes. As the digital world rewrites all standards of quality content and communication, images proves to be clearly the core content of future marketing. Will word be dead?


Joachim Scholz, PhD's comment, January 26, 2013 4:30 PM
Its kind of the continuation of a longer last trend. Check out old ads from the 30s to 50s: much more text oriented and informative.
Suggested by Jake Housdon!

Mixpanel Launches Revenue Analytics To Track The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers | TechCrunch

Mixpanel Launches Revenue Analytics To Track The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers | TechCrunch | Marketing in Motion |

San Francisco based analytics startup Mixpanel, whose mission is quite simply “to help the world learn from its data,” has sent ripples through the tech and digital marketing community today with the unveiling of its brand new revenue analytics dashboard.

Mixpanel, an outspoken critic of what its Founder calls “bullshit metrics,” has really walked the walk with this one. Its new technology provides mobile and web-based businesses practical and actionable metrics, from which they can gain valuable marketing insights.


With a mere glance, the new dashboard allows businesses to monitor vital revenue based metrics. Most notably, the average lifetime value of its users, and average revenue generated per user.


Better yet, the dashboard allows businesses to segment these revenue metrics based on the source of its customers. Managers can literally see how valuable customers acquired through a particular means are. Businesses can discern, with more precision than ever, how to best use their marketing dollars. 

The insight here, if you're doing a lot of business on the web, investing in Mixpanel's analytics services will allow you to have your fingers on your customers' wallets... 'er pulses rather.

(Jake Housdon,06204670,Comm335-2,segmentation,insights,analytics,testing effectiveness,article)

Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

Again, this scoop connects to the growing need of marketers to be accountable for their spending. Social media and other online tools have the potential to be much more precise in targeting and much more transparent in terms of spending effectiveness. It is good to see that the social media world is growing up in this regard.

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