Report: Google Glass Was the Clear Winner of SXSWi Buzz | Marketing in Motion |

Google Glass. It’s the latest product that is re-inventing the way consumers use, or in this case, wear technology. The buzz surrounding Google’s latest gadget was all the talk of South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive – a set of festivals that takes place annually in Austin, Texas, and took place from March 8-17 this year.


The social media conversations and corresponding attention from media has provided Google with the platform it will need come the launch of the product later in 2013. This strong utilization of public relations (including earned “buzz” through social media and strong media relations) is a perfect example of how companies can capitalize on reviews and consumer interest and conversations; this is highly similar to what Apple did in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone. By taking advantage of the “newsworthy event” that SXSW is, which caters to an audience who would be interested in Google Glass, Google will be able to save on advertising by relying on the incredible buzz created by the festival. 


While this is incredibly successful, going forward Google may struggle to measure the impressions and effect of this type of awareness generation – due to its lack of control when compared to advertising. However, for the time being, Google has mastered the art of consumer-generated buzz.

Ben Keefe, 05993950, Comm335-02, publicrelations, sxsw, productlaunch, socialmedia, buzz