The 15 Most Influential Instagram Users Advertisers Are Dying To Work With | Marketing in Motion |

As we have discussed many times, social media tools have been used for direct brand-to-consumer conversations. As consumers move to new social media tools, such as Instagram, brands must continue to try and create conversation. They are taking a 'Fight Club" method by sending people like these 15 influential instagram users to take pictures of branded content - trying to increase the reach of their brand and the image of their brand with the followers of these instagram accounts. 


I think this is an interesting idea as many may not know that these Instagrammers are being paid, or being sponsored to go to these events and that creates an ethical problem. However, until it is founded out by the consumers, the brands who are using this avenue of advertising through Instagram have essentially found a way to pay for word-of-mouth, a method that was traditonally considered "unpaid."


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