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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Carley Williamson!

Chicago Cubs Launch New Marketing Campaign Featuring Authentic Fan Stories

Chicago Cubs Launch New Marketing Campaign Featuring Authentic Fan Stories | Marketing in Motion |

This article discusses the launch of the Chicago Cubs new marketing campaign that focuses on the theme of commitment. Rather then a commitment towards rebuilding the organization to win a World Series championship, the campaign is focused on honoring the unrivaled commitment and dedication of Chicago Cubs fans by featuring authentic stories about fans and players.


So will this work? Will Cubs fans remain loyal even though the team has not won a World Series in over 100 years?


Sports fans are known for having emotional ties to their favourite teams, whether it is a high school, college or professional team. I would argue that it is within the Cubs best interest to use marketing initiatives such as this campaign as leverage to reinforce the current emotional connection fans already have with the team. People become emotionally connected to a brand for a variety of reasons. This campaign takes advantage of the fact that the brand stands for something important to fans, it connects with them on multiple levels across several senses, and it makes them feel good. The campaign will also illustrate a sense of community, an important human motivation. The more valued these fans feel, the stronger their attachment will be to the organization, the more they will identify with it, and they will consequently be more inclined to forgive the team for their failures. 


Carley Williamson, 0605 2579, COMM335-2, Emotion, Campaign, Baseball 

Riley Grant's comment, March 21, 2013 5:06 AM
I think this article clearly exemplifies the 4 pillars of integrated marketing communication. It was clear that fan morale in Chicago was low, therefore marketers established clear results needed (bringing fan morale back up and securing commitment to the cubs). Having this low fan morale had many implications for stakeholders, such losses for owners with empty seats. The harmful implications for stakeholders lead marketers to change their organization's message. Content in their ads were changed to glorify and celebrate fan commitment over the years. And lastly, to spread the message proper channels mainstream channels were chosen in the city of Chicago.
Kelly Alexander's comment, March 21, 2013 5:20 AM
I think they have realised a change needed to happen in order to boost fan morale. By adapting their approach to honoring the unrivaled commitment and dedication of Chicago Cubs fans by featuring authentic stories about fans and players they are beginning to build a much needed relationship. I do think that more can be done it terms of integration of their communications to ensure that they build even greater fan morale. They need to have an understanding of what the fans want and then adapt their campaign to suit.
Sophie Frakes's comment, May 10, 2013 12:55 AM
I think that this is such a cool idea to help market a sports team. Not only will it help boost existing fan morale which was waning but could increase the 'brand' awareness of the team and recruit new fans. At the end of the day sports teams are there to make money and a decrease of support costs money not only in the obvious thing such as merchandise and ticket sales but also for the shareholders and it certainly reduces the attractiveness for prospective sponsors. By using real fans stories makes for easy marketing as not only does it create buss for the fans able to tell their stories but the passion and commitment is so evident to viewers of the marketing communications .As Kelly said more could be done to further integrate this marketing communication though.
Suggested by Lauren Archibald!

Budweiser's Success on Branding: Flash Fans

This Budweiser commercial from last year’s Superbowl does an excellent job of pulling on viewer’s emotions and Canadian’s love of hockey. It recognizes people who play hockey for the pure love of the sport and this is the exact audience that Budweiser is trying to attract. The company is doing a great job at branding their product and creating a lifestyle that consumers will want to associate themselves with. The video creates a reason for consumers to share the brand experience together through hockey. Budweiser has created an amazing memory for all of those rec hockey players involved and their friends and family who came out to support them. The shot of the player sitting on the ice at the end of the game is enough to say it all. This experience will drive word of mouth marketing for the brand in that area and even further geographically through social media means.


Lauren Archibald, 06008113, Comm335-1, campaign, branding, product-fit, relationship 

Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

really great example, and well connected to course concepts!

Joachim Scholz, PhD's comment, January 28, 2013 10:55 AM
One thing though: I rather think that this is an emotional appeal in the ad. Who didn't get goose bumps towards the end?