How BlackBerry Learned to Love PR | Marketing Magazine | Marketing in Motion |

In the past, RIM has taken a defensive strategy to public relations, with the mindset that the information that is shared about its products is not within the company's control. Newly appointed CEO, Thorsten Heins, is trying to change this by using public relations as a strategic message delivery tool to communicate effectively not only with consumers, but with channel members, app developers, bloggers, governments and other stakeholders.

This article relates to the public relations concepts studied in class. BlackBerry has effectively customized messages to each stakeholder, while maintaining a consistent overall message. By maintaining close relationships and open communication with key stakeholders, BlackBerry was able to repair its brand and monitor potential threats. Furthermore, the relationships the company fostered with app developers ensured that the product offered consumers sufficient access to mobile applications, which is a necessity for the product to be competitive in the market. BlackBerry's public relations story illustrates that PR should be proactive rather than reactive, and that it can be used as a key communication tool to create goodwill and enhance brand image, especially with stakeholders who will have an important effect on the success of the product. 


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