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A Geography Of Twitter - Visualized

A Geography Of Twitter - Visualized | Marketing for Small Business |

This visualization, put together by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, shows the origins of the entire globe's tweets.

The researchers write:

This graphic illustrates these data as a spatially aware treemap. The size of each block represents the number of tweets emanating from that country and the shading reveals in the number of geocoded tweets as a proportion of that country's Internet population (i.e. it gives us a sense of how likely Internet users are to create geocoded Twitter content).


The graphic reveals a large amount of inequality in the geography of content. However, while many other online platforms and more offline knowledge sources are characterised by distinct digital divisions of labour in which the Global North is a predominant producer and subject of content, Twitter displays significantly different geographies.


The six largest countries in terms of information production through Twitter are:

(1) the United States, (2) Brazil, (3) Indonesia, (4) the United Kingdom, (5) Mexico, and (6) Malaysia. It is interesting to note that only two of the countries on that list are in the Global North and are traditional hubs of the production of codified knowledge.


By mapping the distribution of tweets in the world it becomes apparent that Twitter is allowing for broader participation than is possible in most other platforms and media. In other words, it might be allowing for a 'democratisation' of information production and sharing because of its low barriers to entry and adaptability to mobile devices. Similarly barriers to the dissemination of information, such as censorship, are also visible through the small proportion of tweets originating in China (home to the largest population of internet users in the world).


However, more research is undoubtedly necessary to better understand the geography of content on the platform. The sample is limited, , because only 1% of all tweets are geocoded in the first place, and some countries may tend to geocode more than others.


As virtual layers and augmentations of place increasingly matter to everyday life, it will become more important to understand the geographies of information. This map offers a starting point.


By Dr Mark Graham --


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4 Tips Before Moving Your Customer Service Approach to Social Media

4 Tips Before Moving Your Customer Service Approach to Social Media | Marketing for Small Business |

Having a bad experience with a company or product is one thing but it’s another when the only way to voice your concern is through the black hole of a support email. Nowadays, people are looking for convenient ways to provide feedback, complain, and even share praise about a product or service. And more often than not, people are heading straight to social media because of its accessibility and the public forum it offers.


Just take a glance at Southwest Airlines’s Facebook Page. Not only does Southwest utilize their page as a way to promote their brand, sales, and new features but they spend significant time engaging with their customer base and providing support and education right from their social media pages. Using social media in conjunction with customer support is continuing to gain momentum and has become mainstream for many businesses. Curious to know how it works? Here are a few key factors as to why it works and how it might be successful for you!

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Creating An Integrated Marketing Campaign

Creating An Integrated Marketing Campaign | Marketing for Small Business |


Creating An Integrated Marketing Campaign

When creating  an integrated marketing campaign we use both online and offline elements.

Be sure you start by identifying your customers needs, what kind of solution[s] do you have and how are you different than your competitors?

Use your social platform, your e-marketing, online but also print.

This Infographic for an Integrated Marketing Campaign from SeoCustomer may just give you some ideas.


By Henrik Sandberg --


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Big Data Infographic: Connecting the Data Dots

Big Data Infographic: Connecting the Data Dots | Marketing for Small Business |

This week’s winning Big Data Infographic from CSC helps illustrate how the world of “big data” is changing dramatically right before our eyes – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used.

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