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How You Profit From Training Development


By Kamath Residency Resort Nagothane On August 26, 2012 · Add Comment

Trained employees are more productive in their work, period. They are motivated, effective and need little supervision. Need we say, Your organisation Profits from Training Development?

Training Development

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3 Ways To Profit From Training Development:   ·         Regular training development saves money!

Now this is not as ridiculous as it sounds if your pore deep into the logic behind it.

Training existing employees regularly over a period helps them cope positively with the fast developing corporate work environment. They get to learn new skills thereby being able to do better at their work.

Thus is created a great sense of personal achievement and that of appreciation with peers to do even better.

The employer gets re-embedded each time into the employee’s good books and thus is created a long term association.


·         Increased Employee Productivity & Better ROI

Needless to say, regular training development:

cuts attrition rates drastically, reduces expenses on new employees recruitment, and the best part is…better team, better productivity


·         Training Development For Strategic Growth

Outbound training development program can be the right forum to have some interesting and sincere brainstorming sessions done.

Since long, such events have been favorites of employees in every organisation. It is an opportunity, an incentive, that each employee probably seeks to take a break away from the daily hum drum of corporate life.

And this latent demand for fun can be capitalized upon to get the best out of your team. Here are a couple of ways how;

Get your management team to brainstorm for a day on a strategic topic like – “Future Growth Avenues” Get your sales team to brainstorm with your marketing team on – “Beating Competition Hands Down” Get your Finance & Accounts team to play team building games with your Sales & Marketing teams. See what wonders it can work out!


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