Marketing Communication M2
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Marketing Communication M2
Marketing Communication
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Who's Afraid of Social Media? CRE Growing Increasingly Comfortable ... - CoStar Group

Who's Afraid of Social Media? CRE Growing Increasingly Comfortable ... - CoStar Group | Marketing Communication M2 |
Who's Afraid of Social Media? CRE Growing Increasingly Comfortable ...
Azhar Mohammed's insight:

Technology is the key to success in better marketing communication in the evolving business world of today. Social media is a huge part of almost everyones lives makign it essential for companies to focus their marketing efforts towards social media. Not only does social media make it easy for companies to connect to their customers but customers are now demanding a more interactive approach as tenchnology grows. Customers now want to be able to interact with brands and comapnies online!


Penny Liu's comment, April 9, 2013 9:32 PM
it is cool how we can access all the information online with a brands and companies, but I also believed over floated massage online could also destroyed a brand and compamy. dont you think? and there's article i saw the other day - it mentioned there are a group of people refused to use any social media, due to the personal information. how will you solve if you are the marketer ? : )
Winina Tan's comment, April 9, 2013 11:28 PM
I do agree with your comment when you say that consumer nowadays want a more interactive, and personalize interaction in how a brand or a company market themselves. in this age people get their information or recommendations from online websites. they go to websites, to look for reviews on weather or not a certain brand or product lives up to what it is that they promise to deliver from their advertising.
social media not only play a crucial part as a source to how a brand or a company portray themselves to the public, but also in how the public sees the brand/company.
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Social Media Marketing 101: Establishing Goals, Metrics

Social Media Marketing 101: Establishing Goals, Metrics | Marketing Communication M2 |
Social media can be very exciting. For companies who are brave enough to embrace social media and integrate engagement within their communication and marketing strategies, the most daunting part is measuring its impact on the bottom line.

Via Alex Butler
Azhar Mohammed's insight:

Proper communication is essential in marketing and using social media is one of the most tech savvy ways you can reach your consumers today. It is essential to portray your products well and accurately on social media as it is very often we see that because of communication failure or misinterpretation of a firms marketing efforts their product or efforts fail. Marketing communication is about getting the message about their product that they have conjured to their consumers accurately and in a timely manner. Social media is a very instant and fast way to reach your consumers but can backfire when communication breaks down. 

Penny Liu's comment, March 31, 2013 12:03 PM
totally agreed with you. not only the firm communication with consumers through social media, but it is also a way for consumer to have a say!! and just my point of view, sometimes it might gets difficult as social media is an open space for everyone. the communication might not end up well. right?
Winina Tan's comment, April 9, 2013 11:37 PM
in any aspect of the human life, and what we go through, a good communication foundation is always needed. websites like a tripadvisor is a great example of when the consumer have a say of how they really feel about their experience with a certain brand/company/establishment. but a representative from the company are able to reply back to the feedback that has been posted about the brand/company. with such simple action not only does it show to the other readers that read the post that not only does the company care about the consumers, but they actually take action to remedy the situation. communication is a two way process. Communication is said to be a continuous process of exchange of views and ideas, but it should be both ways. This two-way traffic is advantageous to both the consumer and the brand/company.