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Rescooped by Zahra Kamal from Consumer and technological trends in China!

South Korea helps luxury brands in China

South Korea helps luxury brands in China | Marketing |

"Korean style, from viral K-Pop videos to fried chicken, is all the rage in China and brands are increasingly using it to reach Chinese consumers ..."

Via Leona Ungerer
Zahra Kamal's insight:

This article helps gain an insight into the differences between Korean and Chinese consumer products and  their decision making choices.

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Video: Here’s how Google’s Project Tango maps indoor spaces

Video: Here’s how Google’s Project Tango maps indoor spaces | Marketing |

After Google confirmed its 3D-sensing Project Tango smartphone the other day, a developer has already used the prototype device to highlight some of its capabilities,TechCrunch reveals. Matterport, which develops “computer vision and perceptual computing solutions like software that maps and creates 3D reconstructions of indoor spaces,” shows in a short video how Project Tango’s two cameras and advanced sensors are able to map indoor environments.

Matterport has apparently been working on similar technology including cameras to capture 3D data from indoor spaces. Its software is able to capture color camera data and a full mesh of 3D data at the same time, and then create the corresponding 3D model. “We’re getting the same mesh quality that we’re getting from our camera,” CEO Bill Brown said, suggesting the technology will further be improved. “It doesn’t ‘look’ as good, but that’s just because it’s a prototype.”

Google plans to give Project Tango units only to 200 developers who will be encouraged to create special apps that can take advantage of the phone’s hardware and software features, including indoor mapping apps and even advanced games that could take advantage of the user’s surroundings.

The video showing how Project Tango can actually “see” rooms follows below.

Via Tonya Scholz
Zahra Kamal's insight:

This article is very interesting showing the uses of digital technology, and how it helps make our lifestyles more comfortable.

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Rescooped by Zahra Kamal from Consumer Engagement & Brand Equity!

Coca-Cola Clarifies: Social Media Is "Crucial" & Drives In-Store Sales

Coca-Cola Clarifies: Social Media Is "Crucial" & Drives In-Store Sales | Marketing |
A Coca-Cola executive threw cold water on social media buzz earlier this week when he told an advertising conference that the company doesn’t see a relationship between online buzz and the company’s short-term product sales.

Via Duane Hulley
Zahra Kamal's insight:

This article shows the importance of social media and the influence it has to make any brand become successful.

Duane Hulley's curator insight, March 21, 2013 8:08 PM

Coca Cola in a sense has redefined the scope of marketing communication through their efforts in social media, where consumer engagement is arguably at its best. In adopting social media, the soft drinks giant is better able to draw links between the brand and everyday people, giving Coca Cola the opportunity to listen and respond to its fan base on a larger scale. Equally important is the company’s existence throughout generations, and presence in globally recognised celebrations such as Christmas, have established the relevance of Coca Cola in consumer’s lives. The elements of brand identity, brand awareness and brand image are all being built within the minds of consumers, an effective example of IMC marketing and communication process.

Joshua Iles 's comment, March 21, 2013 9:19 PM
Coca-Cola was already a household name long before the invention of computing technology, let alone the development of social media. Therefore, the Coke brand can utilize this new found marketing channel to aid their relevance. Brands can only go so far surviving on loyalty alone, and must always be progressive in terms of remaining modern for new consumers. Agreeing with the insight above, Coke is able to further their relationships between the brand and their consumers. Although Coke may use marketing techniques not seen before the turn of the century, they must continue to emphasis their historical identity in order not to confuse their already established brand identity for older consumers. In a nut-shell, Coke simply needs social media to remain relevant, not to change their brand on a whole.
Angela Chuang's comment, March 21, 2013 9:21 PM
Coca-Cola positive useing social media to make customer resonance, also social media helped them to spread the experiences. after their measurement, they tell customers about their connection with social media. This purpose can create synergies, profit and long term stakeholder relationship. Also customer engagement will be more enhanced.
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Examples of Sales Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Examples of Sales Promotion and Marketing Strategy | Marketing |
  When a brand’s marketing strategy is established, sales promotion campaigns are often developed to create awareness and motivate people to take an a (Examples Of Sales Promotion And Marketing Strategy
Zahra Kamal's insight:

This article is really interesting and related to IMC, through  discussing ways about how businesses can make the most out of marketing to help fuel its future success.

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