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Is Inbound Marketing Trashing My Outbound Marketing?

Is Inbound Marketing Trashing My Outbound Marketing? | Marketing |


Inbound marketing is all the rage. Social media has us consumed.  B2B Marketers are creating more content than ever before.  We’re optimizing everything we possibly can all with the intention of driving more people to our sites, engaging with them and offering them opportunities to raise their hand and announce themselves.

For many of us, it’s working!  Visitors are showing up at rates we’ve never seen before. Some are just stopping by to see what we’re offering, some clicking around the site to check us out and of course those that decide to take the bait, oops, I mean fill out the lead form.

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Erica Thayer's curator insight, March 3, 2014 10:43 AM

This article discusses the ways the inbound, social media, marketing can effect your outbound, traditional, marketing efforts.  As companies are beginning to understand that their customers are constantly online and that social media websites are an effective, inexpensive way to communicate with them, budgets are going up.  Businesses are allocating more money to social media marketing.  When thinking of the flaws in social media marketing, this one is not something I had previously thought of and I find it very interesting: Companies are having their customers fill out information such as names, email addresses, birth dates, etc. through social media webpages.  They are then using this information to determine target markets and necessary traditional media that should be used.  Many customers, though, are not comfortable giving out their personal information over the internet, and are giving these companies false information.  This false information can effect the success of any traditional campaign, and something needs to be done to avoid this.  The article gives a few suggestions, such as requiring valid email confirmation, that I now understand and believe should be done.  When measuring the success of your traditional media, it is important to measure the success of any social media efforts used to fuel the traditional.  This is something to keep in mind while measuring. 

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Is Inbound Marketing Trashing My Outbound Marketing?

Rescooped by Waleed Chohan from Influence Marketing Strategy!

Influencer Marketing and its Importance

Influencer Marketing and its Importance | Marketing |
First of all, let me say this is not a new Greensboro marketing concept. However, if you can get the right people engaged and have them talking about your products and your brand, you will be able to expand your consumer ...

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Influencer Marketing and Its Importance

BillHeiden's curator insight, April 7, 2014 5:05 PM

A good, basic primer on the age old truths of influencers in the SM age...