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Rescooped by Marareia Hamilton from Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight!

Inside A Large Social Media Ad Campaign

Inside A Large Social Media Ad Campaign | IMC - Media platforms |

This infographic presents the entire life-cycle of a large social advertising campaign for summertime sweets, a make-believe ice cream brand.Many large consumer marketers now are spending (easily) millions of dollars annually to promote their brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.What does a large advertising campaign look like? To illustrate, the team at SocialCode created an infographic that presents the entire life-cycle of a large social advertising campaign for summertime sweets, a make-believe ice cream brand....

Via Jeff Domansky
Marareia Hamilton's insight:

Millions of dollars are being invested into social media marketing campaigns as more businesses are starting to embrace the new digital era. It is important for businesses to understand how investing in this type of marketing strategy will have a beneficial effect on their brand. This article explains how creating a large social media campaign includes nine strategic steps which when followed can result in a high ROI for businesses. Although each of these steps are valid and have their place in the overall process the most important steps can be summed up in stages 3, 4 and 5. This can be simplified as; knowing the campaign objectives, targeting the right people and delivering the message through the right social media channels. These three stages are arguably at the heart of a social media campaign and can lead to greater insights about perceptions of a brand.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, July 25, 2014 12:56 AM

Inside look at a big advertising campaign and all of its social media components.

Brendon Macdonald's curator insight, July 25, 2014 4:24 AM

Great example of a facebook ads campaign

Gonzalo Moreno's curator insight, July 26, 2014 7:21 AM

El briefing de toda la vida... Pero en "modelno"

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Successful Integrated Marketing Communications | Article by Giselle Abramovich

Successful Integrated Marketing Communications by Giselle Abramovich (Have you read "The Integrated Marketing Imperative" on our website? Share great #IMC articles you find with us!

Marareia Hamilton's insight:

Organisations can be challenged when applying an integrated approach to marketing campaigns. This is due to the content being passed through numerous ‘hands’ in which play a part of the process. Too often ideas conflict between traditional agencies to media buying agencies and social media agencies for example. This results in disjointed marketing efforts and can slow the process up completely. Furthermore if a marketing campaign isn’t integrated then there is a risk of the message being unclear and inconsistent which can lead to confusion. Strong collaboration and communication between agencies is imperative and establishing common goals and objectives when working with projects will result in better integration. With this in mind, it would make sense for agencies to go under one umbrella as one united organisation opposed to separate entities paddling in different directions.

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Guide to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) - Leaders in Heels | Only Womens Business

Guide to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) - Leaders in Heels | Only Womens Business | IMC - Media platforms |

Marketing communications is a critical aspect of a company’s overall marketing mission and a major determinant of its success in a market. (New Post: So you think you know Marketing?

Via Richard Ott, zzz
Marareia Hamilton's insight:

It is important in an integrated marketing communications campaign that the most relevant media channels are selected. These channels need to be applicable to the market in which a business targets to ensure the message is delivered. This will not only be more functional it will also be more cost effective. Therefore understanding the target market is one of the most crucial first steps in developing an integrated marketing communications strategy.

Richard Ott's curator insight, April 1, 2013 11:03 PM
Actually a pretty good rundown of some forms of marketing communications. A good guide for beginners! Although not really dedicated to our assignment I think this article does highlight certain issues with marketing jargon in the business environment. It's important to note that internal communications of marketing initiatives needs to be clear. Not everyone in a business gas done a marketing degree or fully appreciates marketing implications. So it's really important to have the whole business aligned to a strategy. As for these descriptions, they are worth a read for everyone to just help get their head around some of the basics. Obviously there's alot more that is involved than simply what's stated here...
Ciaran Lowney's comment, April 4, 2013 3:49 AM
good basic article Richard. Reinforces that advertising and marketing are not the same thing..something I think a lot of people confuse!
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Social Media Is The New Blackhat

Social Media Is The New Blackhat | IMC - Media platforms |

What happens when fake friends tell fake friends about your product? Does anyone care? Actually, yes, Google.


They care because of how intertwined Social Media and SEO rankings are. SEO best practices are and should be the foundation of any business’ online marketing strategy. 

Via Neil Ferree
Marareia Hamilton's insight:

Companies that part take in dishonest business practises through using social media to make false representations about their brand can be seen as unethical and irresponsible. Google’s crack down on this matter will see companies at risk of losing all their social media efforts which will inevitably result in wasted money, loss of exposure and interaction and more importantly loss of credibility. With social media becoming a more popular promotional tool for businesses, Google will be tested in their efforts to monitor deceiving activities. Perhaps stricter industry standards need to be put in place to stop businesses unethically using social media  to gain advantage.  

Neil Ferree's curator insight, July 24, 2014 4:11 PM

recent study by Shareaholic, which tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic.

Tips on how to manage your social media presence.