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Learn how B2B market characteristics can influence and inform your PPC campaigns in this PPC guide for business-to-business companies.


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Additional ad copy tips:

Specificity is key – for example, you don’t just sell hydraulic cylinders, you sell hydraulic tie-rod cylinders.Use your ad copy to prequalify customers. Mention price points so you can avoid the people who are looking for cheap tools. For example, “Starting at $500 per month…” will quickly disqualify the people who can’t afford your product or service.Buyers are looking for suppliers for possible long-term relationships. You need to make sure your copy speaks to the buyer’s pain points in a clear, compelling way. You feel their pain, you have the solution, and you can walk them through all phases of the purchase funnel.Use social proof – show off your Google plus-ones in your sitelinks. If you don’t have that set up, get started on it.Use credibility examples whenever you have them – phrases like “top-rated,” “award-winning,” and “voted best-in-class.”Show prospects how easy it is to do business with your company. Do this in your ads by calling out GSA (government) pricing if you offer it, the fact you accept POs (purchase orders) if you do, or that you offer financing terms, if that’s the case.Be the trusted source for information – use your sitelinks to share white papers, e-books, case studies, downloadable forms, financing calculators, and anything else someone might need in the research phase.
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