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At Marketo’s recent conference, they announced their platform strategy, where Marketo will focus on core competencies while opening up its APIs to 3rd party vendors. The announcement was met with open arms, e.g., Scott Brinker called it a “major inflection point.”


This is right out of the SFDC AppExchange playbook, and it is a royal pain to play in the AppExchange. From dev to QC to vendor evals…and all the associated costs (including SFDC costs!). So why do AppExchange participants do this, esp. when the SFDC sales team is not pushing your product? Because SFDC has the footprint, and it’s a size 24 shoe.


I’ve got to think that the LOE for the 3rd party ISV to participate in the Marketo ecosystem is the same pain. The real question: will it be worth it? After all, Marketo’s shoe size is a 4 relative to SFDC, so you just can’t expect the same ROI.


If I’m an ISV, I’m very cautious about this…and MAPs! So I’m very curious if 3rd party ISVs will move toward Marketo, especially since Marketo is integrated with SFDC (why would an ISV on the AppExchange get involved with the Marketo program?).


I’m not expecting a huge rush towards Marketo’s exchange, unless there are significant incentives for ISVs.


Regardless, Geoffrey Moore continues to loom large over technology.


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