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Scooped by Becky Cortino!

RoundUp: Book Selling Strategies For Success, What Works, What Does Not!

RoundUp: Book Selling Strategies For Success, What Works, What Does Not! | Marketing and Media |
National book marketing and publicity expert, creator of JenningsWire online magazine, Annie Jennings, queried authors to find out what SOLD books - what worked, what did not!
Becky Cortino's insight:

Exceptional comprehensive book selling strategies based on actual authors' experience! On share via @DvorahLansky #SavvyDIYMarketer

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What comes after content marketing? Here are four ideas - BusinessGrow

What comes after content marketing? Here are four ideas - BusinessGrow | Marketing and Media |
If content is the new advertising, we may be in for trouble. Here are four ways out of the content marketing black hole.


Key idea...

Content that pays

I think we are on the cusp of seeing a merging between content marketing and the gamification trend.  Why not reward your most loyal readers with badges and award levels after completing certain tasks? A frequent flyer program for content.

Would you like to receive a Platinum Reward Level on {grow} after so many comments, shares or page views?  I am already seeing some sites that are creating Foursquare-style badges and leaderboards for participating in site activities.

As it becomes harder and harder to cut through the web’s information density, isn’t it logical that companies  would start paying you to view their information?

Via CYDigital
Becky Cortino's insight:

How are you going to make your content marketing efforts stand out, and not be confused with the "new advertising" (per Mitch Joel)? Thoughtful presentation of current trends by Mark Schaefer, and future predictions that will impact online marketing... Got a website? Do social media marketing? It's all about to change -- again!  For More like this =>

CYDigital's curator insight, February 25, 2013 8:12 AM

This is a very interesting notion. We've been researching gamification as it relates to B2B marketing, and this is a smart application/integrationg of gamification with content marketing.

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When Content Marketing Goes Wrong | Business 2 Community

When Content Marketing Goes Wrong | Business 2 Community | Marketing and Media |
Digital marketing changes constantly and quickly, and as the industry rockets away from pure link-building and SEO, content marketing is taking center stage. Marketing missteps are made by big and small brands alike, but big brands can afford to lose money on, and learn from, a shoddy campaign. Mid-sized and small brands, however, risk losing both cash and customers after a poorly executed or off-putting content marketing campaign–which could do real, long-lasting damage. So, which big brands can teach smaller ones what to avoid? The examples are both plentiful and diverse–and although the campaigns below aren’t failures, they all threaten to fall down a slippery slope into a big, sticky pile of interruption marketing....
Via Jeff Domansky
Becky Cortino's insight:
#ContentMarketing is here. How are you using it? More importantly: how are your prospects, customers and target audience using your content? Usefulness as perceived by your end user, of what you provide through your content marketing efforts -- will affect your success. Content Marketing isn't all there is -- it can be the beginning of a connection, a bridge in a relationship, a jumping-off point to meet or delete. Choice is yours. More Topics like this=>
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