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3 Surprising Benefits Of Retargeting

3 Surprising Benefits Of Retargeting | marketing tips |
As retargeting becomes more widely used and better understood, its reputation is improving. Marketers are learning to avoid creeping people out through better targeting and less intrusive messaging.

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One concern is the potential for damaging your relationship with the customer  - it does feel like privacy has been lost and that the brand is stalking you.  

Another concern is that most retargeting feels very cold and tech - versus that personalization we're all struggling to achieve.  So it would be nice to see a more creative, fun presentation that acknowledges the fact that you are retargeting the customer?


Oh, if you have ever been retargeted AFTER buying the product...raise your hand!  (Mine is in the air!)  How?  Cookies on the computer, not the person!

malek's curator insight, January 25, 2014 7:36 AM

It's insane to spend the amount of time and money on SEO, content marketing, paid search and social media without then following up with retargeting to maximize the value of those initial visits.

malek's comment, January 25, 2014 6:30 PM
@mcgrawmarketing The writing on the wall. Looks like we have to go through the same course every time we come with a new tech.
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9 marketing strategies you must stop using -- now (single page view) -

9 marketing strategies you must stop using -- now (single page view) - | marketing tips |

"Here are the line items you might want to nix from your 2013 marketing game plan."

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Note from Pat: Some food for thought in this article - would love to hear your reactions and experiences.

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