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We are all publishers today, but that did not used to be the case. Here's an overview of the history of content marketing and how got here.


Content marketing and storytelling are becoming a larger part of the marketing organization in general.


**Content Marketing Institute and their colleagues are seeing an evolution of the marketing department transform itself into more of a publishing department.


Although this is not an easy transition and the pain has just begun, some larger brands have clearly made this transition.


**For example, Kelly Services now spends over 60% of their marketing budget on content creation and distribution activities. Even though Kelly’s VP of Thought Leadership Todd Wheatland (and Content Marketing World speaker) states that Kelly has been “doing content marketing for more than 10 years”


**many brands are still struggling with content marketing structure. Even though the barriers to entry are gone and we have all the opportunities in the world to develop valuable and compelling content


**the biggest corporate challenge is the creation of engaging content.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media and Beyond"


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