Why do we walk ?

Following the ‘Indignados’ European left for Brussels last july, we are actually around thirty persons of any nationalities who leave on foot on this November 9th Nice to Athens by way of Rome.

In the context of the appointment of a guardian of Greece then Italy, we wish to show our solidarity to these two peoples as well as to all the striking peoples.

We want as well to show it is possible to release the word to appropriate politics and exchange with the local populations through popular assembly.That’s possible to experiment a new perception of time and space.

That there are alternatives in the impasse of capitalism.

This alternatives comes from the collectiv, horizontality, auto gestioned action, direct democracy, respect of nature etc….

Our approach is non-violent.

We make a call out to join the march that will reach Rome before the 15 January for an international demonstration, and Athens in the spring later next year.
We will sucessively give place to two Agora or popular assemblies during one week where we will present the collectiv work produced while walking.

Assembly of the March to Athens

Departure place: Place Garibaldi, Nice, 9 novembre 2011, 10h

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E-mail: marchtoathens@gmail.com
Facebook: March to Athens
Twitter: @marchtoathens
web: www.marchtoathens.tk
blog : storiesfromwalkers.tumblr.com
hashtags : #marchtoathens