6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Change The World - Anabel Jensen | Mapmakers | Scoop.it

Anyone can change the world but few do so. At Synapse School, our Six Seconds lab school, it is our mission to create those who do, the change makers of our world. This guiding principle strikes at the heart of everything we do there and with the work of Six Seconds. I would like to share with you six basic tenets I think all change makers, young or old, need to have in order to make a real difference in this world. They aren’t ground-breaking or difficult, yet they are rare:


Key Concept #1: Only change yourself.

Key Concept #2: Don’t assume; ask.

Key Concept #3: Take risks.

Key Concept #4: Wait before deciding.

Key Concept #5: Know that hard work and character triumph over high-test scores.

Key Concept #6: Remember friends are more important for long life and happiness than any other element.